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The 2 Critical Things Every Home Owner Should Know About Their House

After 17 years in the home repair industry in Charleston, SC, we have certainly seen many interesting things in the field. Some of the worst situations that can cause the greatest damage revolve around plumbing and electrical issues. With that said, in our opinion we think there are many things a homeowner should know about their home, but there are 2 things that we feel every homeowner NEEDS to know.

1. Every homeowner should know where their main water shut off is located.


In the event you have a plumbing issue/damage causing water to constantly run in your home, you can cause substantial amount of damage if you don’t get this leak/damage repaired quickly. Knowing where to shut your main water supply off will help you minimize the damages associated with running water.

Where to find it: 

Typically you should be able to find your main shut off for your water directly in line with your hose bib a.k.a your “water spicket” in front of your house. Depending on  your landscaping, the main shut off/water meter can be located in a straight line from the hose bib heading towards the street by either looking for the metal cap for the water shut off box or a “white circular cap” which is used by the water company to read your water usage. If you can’t find it, you can call the water company and they should be able to help you with locating the water shut off.

2. Every homeowner should know where their main electrical panel is to shut off the panel or “flip” a breaker on or off.


In the event you need “cut” the power to one of your switches, receptacles, fixtures, etc, it is important to de-energized/”cut” the power associated with the location you are dealing with. Also, in the event you need to de-energized the entire house, knowing where the main power shut off is extremely important.

Where to find it: 

Your electrical panel is typically located in either your laundry room, pantry, garage, or an area near the exterior of the home.

We Can Help!

Our hope is that you will never need to shut your water off or de-energized anything in your home. However, with time things will break and these 2 things may be inevitable. As long as you know where these two items are, you should be able to minimize any increasing damage to your home caused by water damage or electrical. Rapid Repairs can help you with plumbing and electrical issues. Please feel free to call is if you need any help. We can be reached at either 843-573-4357 or via email: