Screen comes in fiberglass, aluminum, and bronze.  Colors available are gray, charcoal, black, and bronze.  Fiberglass charcoal screen is preferred and recommended.   Charcoal screen, often referred to black, becomes practically invisible from the inside looking out.

For flat table top repairs: Do long side first usually along salvage edge, short side keeping it square to long side, other long side, then short side last.  Be careful to stretch screen perpendicular to frame, not at an angle.
For vertical in place screen installation: Do horizontal top side first keeping edge square to weave.  Fasten vertical side keeping edge square to weave and top side.  Fasten second vertical side pulling (perpendicular to frame) tight.  Fasten bottom pulling screen tight as fastened.
Waves, flops, and loose screen is not acceptable.
When using rubber spline, spline must be replaced if changing from aluminum to fiberglass screen.
Rapid Repairs recommends the Screentight screening system.  See