Should You Finance Your Home Repairs and Improvements for your home?

Home repairs and wanted improvements is not always an expense you have planned for. At Rapid Repairs we understand that. We offer financing options that can help you get the needed repairs or desired updates you are looking for.

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Financing Options from GreenSky a Goldman Sachs Company
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Benefits of financing home repairs and improvements:

   Financing allows you to break a large investment up into smaller, manageable payments that work with your household budget.
    Allows you to keep cash in your back account.
    Multiple terms to meet your budget.
    Fixed installment payments for the duration of your loan.
    Most loans do NOT have a pre-payment penalty. If you don’t need to keep the full term of the loan, pay off early if you would like.
    Quick approvals.
    Generally funded quickly so you can schedule your repairs rapidly.

Need repairs before you close on your home?
Financing repairs may be a great solution:

Over the years, one common question we hear from sellers and realtors is “can we pay for these repairs at closing?” With financing the answer is YES! Financing can bridge the financial gap between the completion of repairs and closing on your home. Because of the fast approval and disbursement process, you can have your repairs done before closing with no money out of your pocket and then pay the repairs off once you close on your home with your proceeds.