Are You Protected Against Lightning?

Lightning Myths and Risks:

Have you ever thought lightning never strikes twice, crouching down outside makes you less vulnerable to a lightning strike, or if you get struck by lightning, you hold electricity? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration clarifies these myths are not necessarily fully accurate. Lightning is mother nature’s circuit maker to neutralize large potential differences in electrical charge, things that keep the energy away from structures, such as lightning rods and not using electrical equipment, are risk reducers.

Understanding Grounding and The Ground:

A lightning protection system includes ground rods, but it’s important to know the difference between grounding and the ground. According to NFPA780, there is a standard to have your electrical components, along with other items of your home, grounded and there is an element of the ground that helps with electricity. There is a theory that lightning doesn’t know where it’s heading until it’s last 50’ of travel. When it finally decides where it wants to strike, you and your home better be prepared if you’re in its bullseye.


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