A Thank You That I Could Not Make Up

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My name is (removed for privacy) and I want to thank you for your quick service yesterday. Mr. MacArthur quickly arrived at my house and fixed a water pipe leak. He was really like a super hero for my kids and me, because the home warranty service would not fix the leak. Their plumber charged me for coming to the house, but would not cut through the wall to reach pipes. Nothing was fixed and he quickly left. I don’t know what type of residence has exposed pipes, but then again, I am not knowledgeable on this subject. What i appreciated most was the sincerity to help me, shown by the person i spoke with on the phone and by Mr. MacArthur. He was very diligent with the task and wanted to ensure it was fixed properly. I understood any cost i would bear for the service, because he made sure. However, payment was not his focus. My husband is on his way back from a deployment in the Middle East, and i am not so smart about repairs. I was overwhelmed and Mr. MacArthur was so patient with me. Lastly, i am so glad you advertised in the Jewish Voice! I was reading it that same morning and later remembered seeing your ad. With the leak fixed, I was able to turn the water back on in the house and prepare our Sabbath dinner. So, I thank Rapid Repairs very much. Sorry this was long.

– A Valued Rapid Repairs Customer