So, what can we do for you? Below you will find some of the most common home repair and maintenance items your home may need. If you don’t see it on this list, give us a call because we might do that, too. We offer home repairs and handyman services in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas.

1 Year Labor Guarantee on Materials Supplied by Rapid Repairs

Rapid Repairs Structured Pricing Methods

Rapid Repairs offers Straight Forward Pricing for our customer’s peace of mind. Our technicians will evaluate your needs, review options for solving the problem/s and you choose which is the best solution for you. That’s it – Straight Forward Pricing!


Carpentry Handyman Services – Labor Prices


Door – Exterior Installations and/or Repairs

  • Install just the door slab only – ON-SITE QUOTE
  • Pre-hung unit, includes lockset, and deadbolt and handles
  • Replace threshold – ON-SITE QUOTE
  • Replace door viewer
  • Replace weather stripping
  • Replace brick molding/AKA trim (door stop and jamb)
    • 1 pc (includes painting to match as close as possible)
  • Replace deadbolt
  • Replace door knob
  • Replace/adjust strike plate
  • Replace door hinges (qty 3)
  • Replace/install storm door & screen door
    • Without hydraulic closer
    • With hydraulic closer
  • Install a pet door

Dryer Vent Cleaning (1 hr allowance) min.


  • Replace mailbox-only on post
  • Replace/install new post and mailbox

Porch Railing Replacement – ON-SITE QUOTE

  • Replace 1st baluster
    includes painting to match as close as possible
  • Each additional baluster while on-site doing other work
  • More than 10 baluster replacement – CUSTOM QUOTE

Roofing (Some restrictions may apply)

  • Install/replace kick out flashing
  • Caulk exposed nail heads up to 5 nail heads
    (no warranty on future leaks)
  • Replace damaged shingles qty 1 (3 tab)
    • shingle sheet

Shutters, Pair (2 per window)

  • Exterior decorative (non-working, no painting)
    • First floor installation
    • Second floor installation

Siding (Some restrictions may apply)

  • Replace/install 1 pc of fascia (incl. painting if needed)
    • 1st floor, 10′ max
    • 2nd floor, 10′ max
  • Replace/install 1 pc of vinyl or HardiePlank (incl. painting)
    • 1st floor
    • 2nd floor
  • Install/replace J-Channel 1 pc.

Windows – Exterior

  • Replace trim around windows 1 pc
    (includes painting to match as close as possible)
  • Caulk exterior window (completely around 1 window; no warranty)

Wood Rot Repairs

  • With epoxy system up to 6 sq. in of surface
    includes painting to match as close as possible



  • Replace attic access stairs
  • We do the following:
    • Rafter Repairs
    • Insulation Cleanup
    • Sheathing Repairs
    • Installation
    • A lot more – just ask!


  • Kitchen (along count top/wall)
  • Bathroom (incl. tub/shower & vanity along wall)
  • Removing old caulk


  • We do the following:
    • Joist Repairs
    • Subfloor Repairs
    • Insulation
    • Vapor Barriers
    • Flood Vents
    • Pier (CMU) Repairs
    • Girder Repairs
    • Clean Up
    • A lot more – just ask!
  • Crawlspace Evaluations
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation Services – On Site Review


  • Install interior door slab (incl. hinges & lockset)
  • Install a pre-hung unit (includes lockset)
  • Install trim on either right, left or top side of door
    (includes painting to match as close as possible)

    • 1st pc.
    • Each additional pc. at same time, same door
  • Adjust door to fit properly (if possible)
  • Install/replace door knob
    • Each additional door knob
  • Install/replace hinges (qty 3)
    • Each additional hinge (qty 3)
  • Replace bi-fold doors (does not include painting)


  • Install/hang picture (some restrictions may apply) 1st picture
    • Each additional picture after 1st installed
  • Install/replace safety grab bar
  • Install/hang towel bar or tissue holder
    • Each additional towel bar/tissue holder after 1st installed


  • Water stain, prime and painting to match as close as possible
    (up to 2 sq. ft)
  • Each Additional sq. ft for painting
  • Paint walls, rooms, ceiling, whole house – ON-SITE QUOTE

Sheet Rock

  • Ceiling Textured: Replace up to 2 sq. ft of texture sheetrock
    (includes texture & spot painting)

    • Each additional sq. ft for same area
  • Ceiling Smooth: Repair/replace sheet rock up to 2 sq. ft
    (includes mud, tape, sanding, and spot painting to match as close as possible)

    • Each additional sq. ft for same area

Trim/Other Woodworking

  • Crown Molding – ON SITE QUOTE
  • Baseboards – ON SITE QUOTE
  • Other Trim/s – ON SITE QUOTE


  • Repair hole/damaged sheet rock up to 2 sq. ft.
    (includes mudding, taping, sanding and painting to match as close as possible)

    • Each additional sq. ft. within same area

Windows – Interior

  • Replace trim on left, right, top, or bottom
    (includes painting) 1 pc.

    • Additional pcs. on same trip
    • Replace sill  (includes painting to match as close as possible)
  • Install/replace curtain rod 1st one
    • Ea. additional curtain rod on same trip after 1st rod.
  • Install blinds (some restrictions may apply)
    • 1st blind
    • Ea. additional blind on same trip after 1st blind